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Update with the most frequent questions and answers concerning financial service. You may find the right answer or any useful information here. FAQよくあるご質問(日本語版)を見る

1. What is Your Cash?

    What is Your Cash? 
    Your Cash is cash card and AEON Happy Pay installment payment
    You can withdraw money at bank partners' ATM as below;

    • Kasikorn Bank ATM
    • TMB Thanachart bank ATM
    • Ayudhya bank ATM
    • Krung Thai Bank ATM
    • Bangkok bank ATM
    • Government Saving Bank ATM
    • Siam Commercial Bank ATM

    Remark : For customer using plastic Big C Exclusive Card and AEON Rabbit Member Card

2. Your Cash card and Credit Card use the same credit limit or not ?

    If customer has credit card already and require to apply more Your Cash for more your convenient, Company separate the limit for Credit card and Your Cash.

3. In case already have AEON credit card, can apply Your Cash or not

    Yes, customer can apply more card (For Thai nationality)

4. How much does the interest rate and fee for Your Cash ?

    Your Cash Interest rate is equal to Personal Loan interest rate 25% per Year. Effective from 1 August 2020 

5. All AEON credit card types, can use AEON Happy Pay or not?

    Can not use Happy Pay
    In case customer has AEON credit card or general customer can apply member card and digital Your Cash
    via AEON THAI MOBILE Application and AEON branch to use Happy Pay.

6. How to check the approval result for AEON Happy Pay?

    If customer makes transaction via EDC machine, the system
    will send SMS the result to customer's mobile.
    If customer makes transaction by scan QR code via AEON THAI MOBILE Application,
    the system will send a message to notification in application

7. What is AEON Happy Pay?

8. In case customer cancel transaction, How does the merchant operate?

    The cancel of AEON Happy Pay transaction is divided 2 cases:
    1. In case customer cancel transaction before settlement,
    a merchant can cancel transaction via EDC machine.
    2. In case customer cancel and return goods after settlement,
    The merchant should submit cancelling documents to AEON company.
    AEON company shall cancel the transaction and refund to customer