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Update with the most frequent questions and answers concerning financial service. You may find the right answer or any useful information here. FAQよくあるご質問(日本語版)を見る

1. AEON Card Categories?

2. What is Digital Your Cash?

    Digital Your Cash is revolving cash loan service without card and can use a services in digitat format via AEON THAI MOBILE Application immediately when a limit approved
    1.Transfer to Promtpay account
    2.Cardless without card at Cardless without card at Kasikorn Bank ATM, Siam Commercial Bank ATM and Bangkok bank ATM
    3.Happy pay loan without card

3. What a channel can apply AEON credit card?

4. What are requirement documents for apply Aeon Credit Card ?

    1. ID Card / Passport 1st page and Valid page(Foreigner)
    2. House registration(1st page and showed applicant name) / Work Permit 1st page and Valid page(Foreigner) Work Permit 1st page and Valid page(Foreigner)
    3. Letter of payroll slip/Letter of guarantee from employer or certifying your income per month.(Issued not over 3 months)./Withholding tax (Last year).
    4. Copy of bank account first page and copy of bank statement (180 days backward)
    5. Business owner use copy of trade registration / Company Registration certification of limited partnership

5. What is apply credit card, member card and digital Your Cash via AEON THAI MOBILE Application?

6. What are requirement documents for apply card via AEON THAI MOBILE Application?

7. How to apply card via AEON THAI MOBILE Application?

8. Pros for applying a card via AEON THAI MOBILE Application?

    - Do not have to sign a documents
    - Do not have to go to the Branch
    - Free of charge service

9. What are the requirement for apply Happy Loan?

10. Checking status apply card, Result approval

    The company will consider your application and result approval within 3 working days However it depends on the completeness of the document(Under the conditions of the company)
    If your card is approved the company will sent SMS message to you or you can check the result via AEON THAI MOBILE Application and  IVR Contact 0-2665-0123 press 3 (24 hours a day)

11. Checking status apply card, Result approval via AEON THAI MOBILE Application

    New Member >> Go to Menu Apply Card
    Member >> Go to Menu My Card >> My App.

12. How to activate credit card?

13. What are the interest rate and service fee for credit card ?

    1. Interest rate 16% per year (Shopping/Cashing) Effective from 1 August 2020
    2. Fee for the withdrawal cash by credit card is 3% of amount (Excluding Vat7 %)
    **Can check more detail as follow 

14. How can check available limit?

    1. Via AEON THAI MOBILE APPLICATION ( Download in App strore or Google Pay)
    2. Via AEON Website at www.aeon.co.th
    3. Via AEON LINE (card information)
    3. Via IVR AEON call Center 0-2665-0123 press 1

15. How to reissue Digital Your Cash?

    1. Contact AEON Branch
    2. Contact Customer Service 0-2665-0123

16. What is AEON Happy Plan ?

    AEON Happy Plan is the program for convert credit purchase of product & service to an installment payment program. And this shall not include transactions of cash advances, transactions incurred from temporary credit limit, purpose loan facilities, penalty fees, interests and any fees charges.

17. What are the terms and conditions of Aeon Happy Plan ?

    1. Interest rate 16% per year with effective rate
    2. Credit card spending must be 3,000 baht up per sale slip
    3. Credit card with minimum payment is 500 bath per month
    4. Can choose a payment period from 3,6,9 and 10 months
    5. Once transaction is confirmed cannot be cancelled

18. How to check point, when you have spending via credit card

19. How to redeem AEON Happy Rewards?

    1. Via AEON THAI MOBILE Application at menu of  Happy reward
    2. Via website at AEON Online Services (AEON Happy Rewards)
    Send reward approximately 1 - 2 weeks after the Company receive the form of redemption.

20. What is NextGen Credit Card ?

    It is a credit card service without a plastic card, you can use various digital services via AEON THAI MOBILE.

21. What are the qualifications for applicants for the Digital AEON NextGen Credit Card?

    1. For Thai nationality only
    2. Age 20 years and over
    3. Monthly Income (basic salary) more than 15,000 baht
    4. Working period more than 4 months
    5. Having contact phone number such as mobile phone number, home phone number, or work phone number.

22. How to apply and channels to apply for the Digital AEON NextGen Credit Card?

23. Can I apply for a supplementary card of Digital AEON NextGen Credit Card?

    Unable to apply for a supplementary card

24. How much is entrance fee/annual fee of Digital AEON NextGen Credit Card ?

    There is no entry fee and free annual fee

25. Does the Digital AEON NextGen Credit Card have a card number same other credit cards?

    You can check additional card specifications via the AEON TH Mobile app.
    • Cardholder name
    • Card number
    • Expiration date
    • CVV code