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Update with the most frequent questions and answers concerning financial service. You may find the right answer or any useful information here. FAQよくあるご質問(日本語版)を見る

1. What is AEON Online Services can do ?

    1. Balance check
    2. Unbilled Transaction
    3. Happy Plan
    4. E-statement
    5. AEON Happy Rewards
    6. Hold Card : In case Lost Card, Stolen Card or found unauthorized transaction by this service.
    7. Change Information : Change or Update your Address, Mail to or Billing address and E-Mail Address

2. How to register AEON Online Services ?

    Registration method for AEON Online Services Click
    1. Select "Registration" and fill in the information
    2. Click accept term and condition
    3. OTP is sent to registered mobile phone
    4. Receive e-mail confirm registration success
    Conditions : Registration of AEON Online service is only required for AEON cardholders.

3. Forgot Password , how to solve problem ?

    1. Go to login page and click "AEON Online Services" at AEON Online Services
    2. Click "Forgot Password" at Forgot password, Input your identity card number  and confirm code
    3. Confirm e-mail and click confirm
    4. Get security code via e-mail for input code and click confirm
    5. Set up new password

4. How to enter password because the text is protected ?

    Exits www.aeon.co.th few minutes and try the transaction again, or adjust the font size of the web to be smaller by going to View>> Text Size, try to adjust the font size smaller

5. How to apply E-statement ?

    How to apply E-statement via AEON THAI MOBILE Application  

    1. Login to AEON THAI MOBILE Application Click "E-Statement"
    2. Click "My Bill"
    3. Login Finger Print or Pin 6 digits
    4. Click "E-Statement" Function 
    5. Confirm your email or update E-Mail
    6. Click Accept for Term and Condition
    7. Apply E-statement success

    How to apply E-statement via AEON Website 

    1. Enter www.aeon.co.th
    2. Register / Login to AEON Online Services
    3. Input User and Password to Login
    4. Click "E-Statement" 
    5. Click "Apply to stop paper statement"
    6. Press confirm E-Mail and accept conditions
    7. Apply to stop paper statement completely
    8. The system will send email E-Statement Registration to user's email