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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of the Website

AEON Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Public Company Limited (“AEONTS”) respects your privacy right and understands expectation of the viewer and/or user (the “Viewer/User”) that information (the “Information”) provided through this website (the “Website”) by the Viewer/User should be protected from unauthorized or unlawful use. AEONTS therefore hereby announces the privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) to which the Viewer/User of this Website shall be legally bound by. AEONTS reserves the right to revise any and all part of the Privacy Policy without notifying the Viewer/User of the Website.

Disclosure of the Information

AEONTS shall take highest level of procedures to secure privacy of the Information. AEONTS may however disclose the Information to other persons for purposes as indicated below (but not limited to):
- Disclosing the Information in accordance with regulation, law and/or order of government authorities;
- Disclosing the Information for the inspection, investigation or legal proceedings;
- Disclosing the Information to credit information company (currently, National Credit Bureau Company Limited), legal advisers, consultants, and auditors;
- Disclosing the Information to staffs of AEONTS for their performance of duties;
- Disclosing the Information to subsidiary, affiliate and any related companies (i.e. (1) a company that hold shares in AEONTS and/or a company whose shares are held by AEONTS, and/or (2) a company whose shares are held by the company/companies indicated in (1) herein above whether directly or indirectly) for business purposes.
- Disclosing the Information to agency, contractor/sub-contractor and/or service provider for their implementation or procedure; and
- Disclosing the Information to collection service provider (in case AEONTS assigns such collection service provider for collection procedure and/or legal execution).

Duties of the Viewer/User

The Viewer/User is required to proceed in accordance with the following instructions:
- The Viewer/User shall keep user name and password provided by AEONTS as confidential and shall not disclose to other person nor allow other person to use the user name and/or password to access the Website.
- The Viewer/User shall change password constantly and shall not re-use previous password.
- The Viewer/User shall not allow other person to know password at time of accessing the Website.
- The Viewer/User shall not use personal information, such as name, birth date, and/or telephone number in setting up the password.
- In case the user name and/or password of the Viewer/User is disclosed, stolen or lost, the Viewer/User shall notify AEONTS as soon as possible.

AEONTS shall not assume any responsibility and shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from username and/or password.

In any case, even though AEONTS takes highest level of procedures in accordance with policy set forth by AEONTS, the Viewer/User understands that accessing the Website is exposed to risk or loss and/or damage which may be caused by being infected by viruses, such as Trojan Horse, Worm and/or unauthorized access into system and/or information. The Viewer/User is therefore required to install software for inspecting safety of computer, protection of viruses and/or firewall in the process of accessing internet in order to reduce potential risks.

Use of the cookies

Cookies are small data files that can be used by websites to collect accessing of the users in an anonymous form. Some of the cookies AEONTS uses are essential for the Website to operate and comply with the laws. AEONTS also uses some cookies to collect information for making reports and the Viewer/User's experience more efficient. The Viewer/User can use a cookies controller tool of the web browser to change the cookie settings. Otherwise, it will assume the Viewer/User agrees to continue using of cookies on the Website.

Liability of AEONTS

AEONTS shall not assume any responsibility and shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly (including special, incidental, or consequential loss or damage) from viewing and/or using the Website, especially for the case that information of the Viewer/User is stolen or hacked by any means or for whatsoever reason.