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Update with the most frequent questions and answers concerning financial service. You may find the right answer or any useful information here. FAQよくあるご質問(日本語版)を見る

1. How to change information / address / E-mail address ?

    1. You can change mailing address and E-mail address via AEON THAI MOBILE Application Select "Change Address"
    2. You can change your information at AEON Online Service, "Change Profile Service
    3. Contact at AEON Branches for fill request form change information.
    Please prepare ID Card/Passport or copy of ID Card/Passport

2. How to hold credit card, in case of lost or stolen ?

    In case of lost or stolen
    1. Can hold card via AEON THAI MOBILE Application Select "Hold Card"
    2. If you are member AEON online service can hold card via website immediately.
    3. Contact to hold card 0-2665-0123 press 5
    In case of damage card or re-issue card
    Contact Aeon Branches for fill request form re-issue card and please prepare ID card or Passport

3. Payment channel online/Paid online

4. Payment due date and account summary date

    AEON has the account summary date on 10 of each month and payment due date is on 2 of next month


5. How to request SMS payment balance ?

    Request SMS for ask payment due at 0-2665-0123 press 2 and press 3

6. How to make payment if not receive payment advice

    1. Can make payment through AEON THAI MOBILE "PAY NOW" function.
    2. Use AEON Member Card or Credit Card do payment via AEON Depositor
    3. Use previous payment advice barcode for make the payment via AEON Depositor or counter service.
    4. Download pay-in-slip form and take the form to do payment at Bank counter
    5. Use ID. Card or agreement number from payment advice to do payment at Counter service

7. How to increase limit ?

    1. Contact AEON Branches Nationwide
    2. Fill in request form and please prepare necessary document such as ID Card/Passport, Work Permit,
    AEON Card and payroll slip/salary certification from company.
    3. The period of consideration within 2 weeks
    Initially, the card activated use and paid continuously.
    By the way ,within last 6 months has not increase limit can apply to increase limit

8. How to renew a card?

    The company will send a card to customer automatically.
    In case of customer has not receive the card, please contact AEON branches
    for checking details or issue card (Contact AEON branches nationwide)

9. In case cardholder request to check or dispute transaction, Where can I download the form ?

    You can download at Cardholder Dispute Form

    After you already downloaded form, you can proceed as follows:             

    Documents require   

    1. Copy ID card with certified true copied
    2. Cardholder Dispute Form with certified signature        
    3. Other evidences (If any) 

    - Can send dispute form and documents in channel indicate form

10. Branch/ATM location

11. What is AEON credit card promotion?

12. What is yourcash promotion?

13. What is purpose - loan promotion?

14. What is hire-purchase promotion?

15. What is insurance promotion?

16. What are the conditions of the privilege at Shoppe/Lazada?

17. What are the conditions of the privilege at Grabfood/foodpanda?

18. What are the conditions of the privilege at MaxValu supermarket, MaxValu Tanjai?

19. What are the conditions of the privilege at Major Cineplex?