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Update with the most frequent questions and answers concerning financial service. You may find the right answer or any useful information here. FAQよくあるご質問(日本語版)を見る

Top Question

Q.How to hold credit card, in case of lost or stolen ?


      1. In case AEON Online Member can hold card at Temporary Hold Card

      2. Contact AEON Hold card Service Center at 0-2665-0123 press 5


      In case card defective /Issue new card


      Customers can contact AEON branches nationwide to fill out a petition form. Request a new card

      In case hold card customer can inform in channels our company policy.

Q.How to increase credit limit ?


      1. Contact AEON Branches Nationwide.

      2. Fill in request form and please prepare necessary document such as ID Card, AEON Card and payroll slip/salary certification from company.

      3. The period of consideration is within 2 weeks.

          *Initial for the card that use and paid continuously and within the last 6 months has not been increased credit limit, are eligible to request for increasing credit limit.

Q.Checking Approval Status


      The period of consideration and result is within 3 working days, however it depends on the completion of documents (Consideration depends on the Company’s Policy) If your card is approved, the company will inform you via SMS or you can check result of application via IVR 0-2665-0123 press 3 (Everyday throughout 24 hours)

Q.How to apply E-statement ?


      How to apply E-statement via AEON THAI MOBILE Application


      Apply "E-Statement" via AEON THAI MOBILE Application

      1. Login to AEON THAI MOBILE Application
      2. Click "My Bill"
      3. Login via Finger Print or Pin 6 digits
      4. Click "E-Statement"
      5. Confirm your email or update E-Mail and press next.
      6. Click Accept Terms and Conditions

      Apply E-statement successful.

Q.What is Your Cash? / What is Digital Your Cash ?


      Digital Your Cash provide instant cash revolving loan which is cardless. You can use various services digitally via AEON THAI MOBILE Application as soon as the loan was approved.

      • Transfer via PromptPay
      • Cardless Cashing via ATM
      • Cardless Installment via Happy Pay

Q.How to transfer via PromptPay?


      Process of transferring cash from Credit card and Your Cash to PromptPay account.

      1. Click “Cardless”
      2. Click Transfer via PromptPay
      3. Select Credit Card/Digital Your Cash and input the amount.
      4. Select either your Thai national ID or your mobile number that is linked to your PromptPay account.
      5. Receive e-slip in the inbox. completed process