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Clever point collection

Eligible Applicant

  • All holders of AEON credit card, both primary and supplementary, (The "Cardholder") issued by AEON Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Public Company Limited (the "Company") who maintain their membership status and are not delinquent on the date of redemption.

AEON Happy Point Accumulation

  • Every 25 Baht spending through for AEON Classic Card, AEON JCB Card, all Co-Branded Credit Card and MasterCard Electronic Card with credit card function, And every 20 Baht of AEON Gold card and AEON Royal Orchid Plus Platinum card Both Primary and supplementary, will earn 1 AEON Happy Point automatically, AEON Happy Point is calculation on the spending amount for purchase of goods and services only, excluding interest, fees, cash advance fees and refinancing debts transferred from the loan or credit formerly owed to other lender or credit card issuer.
  • AEON Happy Points earned by every supplementary card of its primary card will be accumulated to the AEON Happy Point account of the Primary card automatically.

Validity Period of AEON Happy Point

  • AEON Happy Point is valid for a maximum period of 4 years until 31 December of the expiry year of card. The Cardholder can check his/her AEON Happy Point and its expiry date from monthly billing statement of primary card or https://www.aeon.co.th/memberservice/

Terms and Conditions

  • In redeeming AEON Happy Point, the Cardholder consents to the disclosure of his/her name, address and contact phone number to the product/service Provider and delivery service provider of product service and also acknowledges and agrees to be bound by redemption conditions determined by the company as set out below in all respects.
    • The privileges of point redemption in the AEON Happy Rewards program of the company can be enjoyed by the Cardholder only.
    • Point redemption in the AEON Happy Reward program is reserved for the primary Cardholder only. The right to point redemption is non-transferable.
    • Point redemption shall be transacted by any of the following methods:
      • Sending redemption form to the Company via facsimile at Fax number. 0-2665-0800-1

                    The Cardholder may only transact by any one of above methods each time of redemption.

    • Point redemption all above shall be valid only upon the company’s receipt of correct and complete information.
    • Product or service cannot be returned and is non-exchangeable for cash.
    • Product or service is limited in numbers. In case product or service is out of stock, the Company reserves the right to deliver substitute product or service of comparable with similar value or cancel such product or service without prior notice.
    • The point redeemed will be deducted from the accumulated AEON Happy Points of the relevant credit card. In case the points redeemed are of more than one credit card, the points accumulated in the said credit cards shall in aggregate be not less than the redemption points required for product or service.
    • Point redemption shall comply with the redemption conditions prescribed for each product or service by the Company. If the points are insufficient or the Cardholder is delinquent on the date of redemption, the company reserves the right to cancel the redemption transaction of than particular Cardholder at the discretion of company.
    • Any fraud, deception or counterfeit in order to obtain AEON Happy Point, whether all or partial, may result in the Company cancelling the points and/or recalling product or service, etc. and demanding payment for the services used and any and all expenses incurred therefore, including cancelling relevant credit and initiating legal proceedings against relevant cardholder.
    • The Company, who is not a product/service provider, shall not take a responsibility in any defect or loss of reward redeemed. By the way, in case of any problem or question about a reward, the Cardholder can directly contact with the product/service provider or for additional information, the Cardholder can contact Customer Service at phone number 0-2665-0123
    • The Company shall provide the Cardholder’s information including (but not limited to) name-surname, address, and phone number to product/service provider for the confirmation of time and place of delivery in order to obtain correctness and convenience for product or service delivery.
    • The Company reserves the right to amend redemption conditions and / or product or service catalogue and / or redemption points required for each reward, including canceling AEON Happy Rewards program as it deems appropriate without prior notice.
    • In case of dispute, Arising from AEON Happy Rewards program, The Company's decision shall be final.

Delivery of product or service

  • Delivery of product or service will take approximately 1-2 weeks from the date of receipt, the redemption form / instruction by the company.
  • In case you redeem The 1 Card point, you will get The 1 Card point real time.
  • In case you redeem JMB Mile, you will get mile within 30 days.
  • In case you redeem ROP Mile, you will get mile within 7 days.
  • Once product or service is delivered to the Cardholder at the address specified in the redemption form / instruction and a period of not less than 30 days has passed without the Cardholder’s notice otherwise, the Company shall deem that the reward has duly been received by the Cardholder in good condition.