Easy to access your card information
You can check your billing and available limit information on one screen
Pay for AEON monthly billing
You can pay AEON billing from your bankaccount through application
Easy and Safety Access
Easy and safety to access via log in pin and Touch ID
Introduction of AEON THAI MOBILE
New Ver. How to Register and Log in
How to use PAY NOW
Log in
Card Activation
AEON THAI MOBILE is official application deployed by AEON THANASINSAP (THAILAND) PCL. Customer who have AEON Credit Card / Member Card that issued in Thailand ,can be accessed to your monthly billing / availble limit information by register the application for the first time and the next time, you can log in with a 6-digit PIN code to access it.
AEON THAI MOBILE is free of charge to download and use all functions (Expect Internet fee charged by carriers)
iOS11.0 or later Android 4.0 or later
Available for download at App store / Google Play.
No , You can request to change your information via AEON Website
The AEON THAI MOBILE APPLICATION is a payment service provided by AEON. The payment amount is deducted from your bank account.
Application Payments are available online as soon as you make a payment and can be used immediately (except in certain cases. For the use of PAYNOW function, payment can be made only with KASIKORNBANK and BANGKOK BANK. (Other banks will extend the service further) This service requires you to download and register with KPLUS & AEON THAI MOBILE APPLICATION

For BANGKOK BANK User to use PAYNOW, please prepare your bank’s ATM card to register Online Direct Debit. Once you completed registration, you can pay just confirm your payment immediately (Only Thai Citizen Number holder can register to Online Direct Debit)
  • Check your device's internet connection.
  • Check availability for storing your device's memory.
  • Check your device's internet connection.
  • Verify the operating system of the device as your the requirements
  • Jailbreaked / Rooted Device is not allowed to use the application.
Press Forgot Login Pin and register application again