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    AEON THAI MOBILE is official application deployed by AEON THANASINSAP (THAILAND) PCL. Customer who have AEON Credit Card / Member Card that issued in Thailand ,can be accessed to your monthly billing / availble limit information by register  the application for the first time and the next time, you can log in with a 6-digit PIN code to access it.

2. Is there any charge for download or using AEON THAI MOBILE?

    AEON THAI MOBILE is free of charge to download and use all functions (Expect Internet fee charged by carriers) 

3. What is system requirements

    iOS11.0 or later Android 4.4 or later

4. How to download AEON THAI MOBILE Application?

    Available for download at App store / Google Play.

5. Can I change my personal information through AEON THAI MOBILE?

    No , You can request to change your information via AEON Website  www.aeon.co.th

6. What is PAYNOW?

    Is the payment service provide by AEON company, You can pay bill through AEON THAI MOBILE APPLICATION by deducted from your bank account. Payments are available online as soon as you make a payment and can be used immediately (This is as per Company's terms and conditions) 

    For using PAYNOW functions, You can pay AEON bill more convenient by PayAlert service via PromptPay with PromptPay account and payment amount shall be credited immediately once payment is successfully completed.

7. I can not download the application. What should I do?

    • Check your device's internet connection.
    • Check availability for storing your device's memory

8. I can not open application

    • Check your device's internet connection.
    • Verify the operating system of the device as your the requirements
    • Jailbreaked / Rooted Device is not allowed to use the application.

9. I can not log in the application because the account is suspended

    Contact AEON Contact Center 0-2665-0123

10. The registration is failed because do not get OTP , How should I do?

    Please contact AEON Contact center 0-2665-0123

11. I forgot my login PIN (6 Digits)

    Press Forgot Login Pin and register application again