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Xtendlife Foaming Facial Cleanser 100 ml.

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Foaming Facial Cleanser 100 ml

Cleanser with a clean fresh scent, maintains PH balance for skin to stay moisturized even longer.

Moisturizes & Nourishes

Defends Against Free Radicals

Restores Natural pH Balance

Thai FDA No.10-2-5405140
Net Volume : 100 ml

Foaming Facial Cleanser Combines the Best of Nature & Science

Natural Kiwifruit and Manuka Honey Revives, Defends & Restores Your Skin with Every Wash

Tired of chemical-laden face wash products that dry or irritate your skin? Perhaps you've used some of the popular cleansers that profess to moisturize only to be left with a greasy residue? Now you can make your move to a truly natural face wash that nourishes, restores pH balance, defends against wrinkle-causing free radicals and more.

How can you get all that in just one product? With our Foaming Facial Cleanser.

After spending almost 2 years in development, Xtend Life's Foaming Facial Cleanser promises the best of nature and science. While most face wash products are designed to clean and remove makeup, this exclusive formulation offers some important differences you'll love.


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