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Major and Paragon Cineplex Ticket

1,900 Points


  1. You can get movie ticket at KIOSK of E-Ticket from this card for normal seat in film and digital 2D.
  2. This voucher is eligible for 1 ticket.
  3. This card can top-up money for see movie in Honeymoon seats or 3D system except all VIP seats by customer must top-up money from movie ticket price with the normal seats price.
  4. This voucher can not be exchanged to cash or refunded.
  5. This voucher can not be used with discount card and other promotion.
  6. This voucher can be used at Major Cineplex, EGV, Paragon Cineplex, Esplanade Cineplex, Paradise Cineplex, Mega Cineplex and Hatyai Cineplex.
  7. Company reserves the right to withhold this voucher without advance notice.
  8. This card is the property of Major Cineplex and must not be sold by another party (Except the party is allowed by Major Cineplex).
  9. Company reserves the right to withhold this card when the system detects the barcode which shows purchased records or copying or reproducing.
  10. Expire Date 30/6/2018


    1. Delivery of product or service will take approximately 4-8 weeks from the date of receipt, the redemption form / instruction by the company.

    2. Once product or service is delivered to the Cardholder at the address specified in the redemption form / instruction and a period of not less than 30 days has passed without the Cardholder’s notice otherwise, the Company shall deem that product or service has duly been received by the Cardholder in good condition.

    3.Incase Cardholder do not get product or service the Cardholder can contact Customer Service at phone number 0-2665-0123.

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