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Terms and Conditions

AEON Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Public Company Limited (“AEONTS”), mainly providing financial service, is the owner and manager of this website (the “Website”). You, as a viewer and/or user of this Website (the “Viewer/User”), shall be legally bound by the terms and conditions herein stipulated (the “Terms and Conditions”). In case you are unable to accept the Terms and Conditions, whether in whole or in part, please refrain from viewing and/or using the Website.

Liability of AEONTS

AEONTS shall neither warrant nor guarantee whether explicitly or implicitly the accuracy, appropriateness, reliability, availability, timeliness of and/or lack of virus or any other harmful factors on information and/or contents of the Website.

AEONTS shall not assume any responsibility and shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly (including special, incidental, or consequential loss or damage) from viewing and/or using the Website.

Revision on the Terms and Conditions

AEONTS reserve right to revise any or all part of the Terms and Conditions without informing the Viewer/User. The Viewer/User shall be legally bound by any revision of the Terms and Conditions which would be made or implemented in every respect.

Links to Other Website

This Website may be linked to other website which is managed and supervised by other entity/person. Such link is arranged for convenience of the Viewer/User and AEONTS shall neither warrant, guarantee nor certify accuracy, appropriateness and reliability of the contents or the service provided by such other website.

The Viewer/User hereby agrees that the Viewer/User shall solely be responsible for any risk or damage which may occur by viewing and/or using the other website of any third party. AEONTS shall not assume any responsibility for any damage caused by viewing and/or using such other website, defects or default relating to product and/or service offered by and/or on such other website.

Copyright and Other Intellectual Property Rights

The Viewer/User acknowledges that trademark, logo, trade name and service mark, which appear on the Website, whether registered or not, is owned by AEONTS or any other person/entity. The Viewer/User shall not be allowed to use, copy, modify, or reproduce the said trademark, logo, trade name and service mark in whatever manner for whatsoever purpose without obtaining a prior written consent from AEONTS.

Information of the Viewer/User

The Viewer/User warrants that information provided by the Viewer/User, in any form or by whatsoever means, is complete or accurate and agrees that the said information shall not be treated as confidential or privilege of the Viewer/User or any specific person. AEONTS shall be entitled to check accuracy of such information, use such information in proposing or offering products or services or for any other purpose, and disclose such information to related companies (i.e. (1) a company that holds shares in AEONTS and/or a company whose shares are held by AEONTS, and (2) any other company whose shares are held by the company/companies indicated in (1) in any level whether directly or indirectly) unless otherwise stipulated or restricted by any then-applicable laws and regulations.

Restriction in using the Website

The Viewer/User agrees not to use the Website for any illegal purpose and shall not cause damage, destruction, revision, change or addition of the information and/or to the contents of the Website nor cause any disturbance, delay or difficulty in transmitting information by AEONTS and/or any other viewers or users.

Liability of the Viewer/User

The Viewer/User hereby agrees that in case damage or loss is incurred to AEONTS as a result of viewing and/or using the Website by the Viewer/User, the Viewer/User shall be liable for any damages or expenses (including but not limited to lawyer’s fee and/or court fees (if any)) incurred thereof.

Applicable Law

The Viewer/User hereby agrees and acknowledges that the Terms and Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Thailand. Any dispute arising from and/or in connection with viewing and/or using the Website shall be resolved by the court of competent jurisdiction in Thailand.