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Xtendlife Deoxi-Xtracts

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Natural health and beauty shine thru superior anti-oxidants benefits.

Provide high potent of anti-oxidant capabilities of Oxifend Plus, sourced from NZ Superfruits, Grape seed and skin, Kiwi and Berries.

Combined with green tea to enable anti-oxidant properties.

Extracted by using pure water, free from solvent chemicals.

Thai FDA No.10-3-03548-1-0014

Pack Size: 30 Capsules
Xtendlife Deoxi-Xtracts nutritional supplement truly developed for ANTI-OXIDANTS.

Anti-oxidants and free radicals are widely known and discussed nowadays. These free radicals are what make you old and wrinkly and cause disease. Anti-oxidants help fight these free radicals.There are a lot of products and ingredients that claim to be anti-oxidants. Among those Vitamin C seems to be a weak one.

Grape seeds are much more potent, but even more potent are grape skins. But, then all grape seeds and skins are not the same either, as the potency can vary substantially depending upon where they are grown and how they are processed. Grape and skin seed have been well known as skin foods and berries as nutrients for eye health, this helps generate you being good looking from inside to outside.

Xtendlife Deoxi-Xtracts has all potential anti-oxidants of these fruits along with some additional Vitamin C and green tea extract that may help stimulate immune system and reduce fatigue symptom.


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