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Xtendlife Natural Whitening Day Cream 50 ml.

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Natural Whitening Day Cream

100% natural way of lightening and brightening your skin.

New! by Natural Arbutin and nutgrass lighten skin naturally , without bleach

Brightening the skin naturally, without harm or irritation

Stimulating collagen and elastin to reduce fine lines by XtendTK

Thai FDA No.10-2-5514346

Net Volume : 50 ml


Unlike most skin whitening products, which irritate your skin, extrapone nutgrass in our Natural Whitening Day Cream, actually reduces irritation and enhances your skin. Developed by a German company, Symrise, extrapone nutgrass was initially used as an anti-irritant for the skin. Its whitening properties were later discovered!

Now, extrapone nutgrass has been shown in clinical trials to reduce melanin by up to 40%. Its effectiveness and safety have been backed up by well designed clinical studies. (See graph below.)

So you can be sure your skin will not only become gradually whiter – naturally – but it will also become brighter and healthier and there will be absolutely no harmful side effects.

Depending on the amount of sun exposure you have, you may alternate the whitening cream monthly with our Age Defense Active Day Cream.

Apart from the Extrapone Nutgrass extract our Natural Whitening Formula contains unique ingredients, specially chosen for their ability to reverse the visible signs of aging in women's skin.

The Natural Whitening Day Cream consists all the benefits of our Age Defense Day Cream with added whitening properties.


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