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HOMU Staubmilben und Desinfektion

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  Dust mites and disinfection Vacuum UV Cleaner uses optimum thermal power with high-power UV-blasting system. The Dust mite removal Non-toxic to people Pets and environmentally friendly because they do not use chemicals so they are safe for people in the home, especially children. Easy to use and remove, easily cleaned and traction wheels for streamlined use. Do not break the fibers of the fabric while cleaning down to the mattress mattresses, bedding, blinds, etc.

Features-the UV dust collector can remove bedbugs, including eggs, bedbugs, dust mites. Flea bites-get rid of bacterial microbes-eliminate foul odor inside the house and cause various types of diseases such as allergy, rashes, skin diseases-suitable for hotels, hospitals, guest houses, resorts, houses, apartments, Thamet, as well as shelters or stations where various chemicals and vehicles are prohibited.-Eliminate dust mites with high-energy UV systems-non-toxic to people Pets and environmentally friendly because they do not use chemicals. Use the appropriate heat temperature. Without breaking the fibers of the fabric- Lighter weight Easy to use. There is a wheel for use while dragging.



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