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1 July 2022 – 31 August 2022

Free movie ticket digital 2D / Only 120.- for Entertainment Pack Set / Only 99.- for Buddy Combo Set every month and other privileges

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1. Privileges offered at Major Cineplex Group (nationwide)
Free movie ticket
  • Limit 1 movie ticket / primary card / month
  • Limit 27,000 seats / month
  • Only reserves digital 2D Theater
Only 120 Baht for Entertainment Pack Set
  • Entertainment Pack set is movie ticket 2D plus popcorn 46 oz. and soft drink 22 oz. (1 glass)
  • Limit 1 set / primary card / month, and only reserves pay via AEON M GEN VISA CARD
  • Limit 15,000 sets / month
Only 99 Bbaht for Buddy Combo Set
  • Buddy Combo is popcorn 46 oz. plus soft drink 22 oz. (2 glasses)
  • Limit 1 set / primary card / month, and only reserves pay via AEON M GEN VISA CARD
  • Limit 10,000 sets / month
Every Monday, buy 1 get 1 free movie ticket at IMAX Theater
  • * Limitation 1 seat / card / month only
    ( Only Quartier Cineart and Westgate Cineplex)
Free 1 movie ticket on the birthday
  • Limit 1 seat of digital 2D / primary card number
  • Reserved for within the week of birth. (Sunday – Saturday)

Special discount for Digital 2D / 3D / IMAX / 4Dx Theater
  • 50 baht discount on all seat (except Sofa) at IMAX theater
  • 20 baht discount on regular or honeymoon seat at Digital 2D / 3D / 4Dx theater

2. X2 reward points with Shop More Earn More point

  • Spending every 25 baht get 1 AEON Happy Point by AEON
  • Spending every 50 baht get 1 M GEN Point by Major
  • Every 1,000 AEON HAPPY POINT can redeem movie ticket for Digital 2D Theater (only serve on AEON M GEN VISA card)

3. Privilege at WE Fitness Society

  WE Fitness Society

  • Get free 1 month when apply a membership (applied 12 months get 13 months)
  • Receive one-month free trial when presenting AEON M GEN VISA CARD at We Fitness Club

4. Welcome Privilege Package *Only new card approved and spending in term of conditions

  • The cumulative spending 5,000 baht within 45 days after card approved get free Movie Bucket Set 1 set value 500 baht

Terms and Conditions

  1. These privileges are only offered to AEON M GEN VISA co-branded card issued by AEON Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Co., Ltd and Major Group Co., Ltd, within Thailand only.
  2. The company reserves the right to offer privileges only cardholders with normal status and no delinquent payment history.
  3. The company reserves the right and discount from Major Group such as movie ticket, special price and etc. only Primary card of AEON M GEN VISA CARD activated, and a member can using a privilege with M GENERATION channel after card activated 1 day notice.
  4. The Company reserves the right to cancel any and all privileges without prior notice if the cardholder do not activate the card or request to waive the annual fee.
  5. Please check terms, conditions, and availability of privileges at the Box Office Counter or Kiosk before using the privileges. Please contact with Box Offices staffs with any problem
  6. Privileges available at Major Cineplex Group (nationwide branches) and, receive special privileges at E-Ticket (Kiosk) only
  7. The company reserves the right and discount at all Major Cineplex Group (Nationwide). Please check and redeem privilege via AEON Thai Mobile Application. (7.1-7.3)

    7.1 The privilege of Free Movie Ticket is only in Digital 2D Theater without seat/theater upgrade and reserved for cardholders who show AEON M GEN VISA CARD.

    7.2 The privilege of Entertainment Pack consisting of movie ticket (1) in Digital 2D Theater, 46 oz. popcorn and 22 oz. soft drink (1 glass) is reserved for cardholders who purchase and pay with AEON M GEN VISA CARD only. Upgrades of seat types, theater types, popcorn size and/or soft drink size are available for additional cost which cardholders would pay the actual upgrade costs.

    7.3 The Buddy Combo consisting of 46 oz. popcorn plus 22 oz. soft drink (2 glasses) is available when paying with AEON M GEN VISA CARD only. Products and size cannot be upgraded.

    7.4 Privilege of buy 1 get 1 free movie ticket on Mondays is only in the same theater and show time (only Quartier Cineart and Westgate Cineplex) . Extra charge for glasses used in IMAX Theater, if any, is the sole responsibility of the cardholders.

    7.5 Special discounts on movie ticket is available when paying with AEON M GEN VISA CARD only and discount value is based on the seat type and theater type, for example, 20 baht discount for M GEN Regular and Honeymoon Seat, 50 baht discount according to the theater type for M GEN IMAX (Only at Quatier Cineart and WestGate Cineplex).

    7.6 Free Birthday movie ticket is available on the actual birthday only and must present valid ID card and AEON M GEN VISA CARD to receive one (1) free movie ticket at Major Box Office Counter nationwide. Privilege cannot be changed or transferred to other dates.

    7.7 Privileges at Major Cineplex Group(Nationwide Branches) can be used only at E-Ticket machine (Kiosk) started on April 16th, 2016 onwards.

  8. Privilege of X2 Reward points

    8.1 Every spending 25 baht get 1 AEON Happy Point (exclude M Gen Point), and AEON Happy Point will expire within 4 year. Please check the available point and redeem point at www.aeon.co.th 

    8.2 Every spending 50 baht get 1 point of M GENERATION program (exclude AEON Happy Point), and M GEN point will expire within 1 year. M GEN’s Point can be redeeming movie ticket, popcorn and others as Major provide. Please check the available point and redeem point at www.majorcineplex.com/mgencash/ or call center at 0-2515-5555  

    8.3 Every 1,000 AEON Happy Point can be redeemed for movie ticket 1 seat only digital 2D at www.aeon.co.th. Redeemed history will be recorded in AEON M GEN VISA CARD and, member will receive SMS when redemption has been completed.

    8.4 The company reserves the right for purchase of any mutual fund or insurance policy through AEON credit card will no longer be entitled to AEON Happy Rewards Point and promotion campaigns which incurred via AEON credit card for the transactions at any under code (MCC 5960, 6211, 6300, 9223).

    8.5 To Collect M GEN Point for AEON M GEN VISA Card, if member has spending on the day at E-Ticket(Kisok), point will be added on the next day.

  9. Privilege at WE Fitness Society

    9.1 Receive 1 free month of fitness membership at WE Fitness Society when applying for 1-year membership (12 months get 13 months). Membership cannot be changed or transferred to other branches. 

  10. Privileges for Welcome Package

    10.1 1 Free Movie Bucket Set (500 baht value) is offered to new card approval with cumulates spending of 5,000 baht or more within 45 days after approved.

    10.2 The company will deliver a voucher for Movie Bucket Set to members billing statement address within 90 days after the billing cycle within the 45 days period. In addition, members need use the voucher before expiration date.

    10.3 Movie Bucket Set value is determined by according to the terms and conditions expressed by the Company. The Company reserves the right to withhold any compensation in cases where the product value of the Movie Bucket Set is less than the stated value. In case where the Movie Bucket Set exceeds the stated value, the member will be responsible for the extra charge and pay with AEON M GEN VISA CARD only.

Terms & Conditions of M GENERATION Member

Cardholders AEON M GEN VISA (“Cardholders") is a membership M GENERATION under M GENERATION number issued by Major Cineplex Group Limited (Company), the membership number is appears on your AEON M GEN VISA CARD”.

  1. Annual fee of AEON M GEN VISA CARD is 200 baht/year (excluded VAT), unexceptional waive annual fee any case.
  2. A member can using M GENERATION point redeem a movie ticket (normal seat or honeymoon seat) all showing and pop corn 64 oz. or soft drink 32 oz., available all branches as a company notify.
  3. A member must present AEON M GEN VISA CARD to settlement with staff for receive a point of M GENERATION.
  4. The company reserved the right on redeemed point is only 3 times/day, and unlimited seat/ bill at Box office.
  5. Please recheck your name - surname or M GENERATION no. on billing after paid, the company will not submit a point in term to member give information wrongly such as M GEN no. or not present M GEN credit card to staff.
  6. The company will present the available point with latest before the day, if a member has spending on the day, the points will collect on next day.
  7. Please presented AEON M GEN VISA CARD with ID card for redeem a trendy rewards (only promotion notice).
  8. The company will deduct a point and show balance point on redeemed date immediately.
  9. The company will deduct a point nearly expired points first as first in first out point.
  10. The company reserved a cardholder can hold only 1 M GENERATON member no., if a cardholder already had M GENERATION member no., the company will cancel M GENERATION member no. automatic, after you have confirmed credit card system.
  11. M GEN points will be expired within 1 year since first time of spending with Major (nationwide), and the points will be terminate end of next 12 months.
  12. The points of M GEN can’t transfer into other M GEN number.
  13. AEON M GEN VISA CARD is a credit card for purchasing a goods or cash payment in while using at Major Cineplex or participate stores, and AEON M GEN VISA CARD can withdraw a money with financial amount, after a company approved.
  14. A member will get a movie ticket on member price or accumulate point form spending as they have applied information the same on application only.
  15. The company can deactivate card immediately, once we have check the information is not verify data as applied, also reject a member who joins a promotion of M GENERATION without notice.
  16. A member must accept replacement card 200 baht, in case loss or change new card, and the points will transfer into replacement card, but do not receive special points.
  17. The authority of M GENERATION member is 1 year membership after card approved, and general to extend AEON M GEN VISA credit card functions automatically. The annual fee of membership will post on billing statement of the expired month.
  18. The authority of M GEN member is ownership of Major Group Co., Ltd. The company reserves the right for change of conditions or any case of cancellation without the prior notice.

Qualification for applicants

  • Age 20 years old and above
  • Monthly income ≥ 15,000 baht
  • Working period more than 4 months
  • Having contact phone number such as mobile phone number, home phone number, or work phone number.
  • Current address is in the service area of AEON
Documents for Consideration
Employee / Government officer / State enterprise 

Copy of I.D. card or passport
* If using government officer card / state enterprise employee card, please enclosure copy of house registration
tick tick
Copy of Work Permit / Copy of VISA (in case customer does not have work permit) tick  tick 
Payroll slip and/or salary certification letter from your employers
Copy of bank statement 
(180 days backward)
tick  tick 
Copy of trade registration / 
Company Registration 
certification of limited 

Remark : 

  • All the mentioned documents must have a signature of the applicant
  • For AEON Gold Card customer who has been spending the credit value up to 150,000 baht within the current year. The annual fee of the next year will be waived.
  • AEON reserves the right for credit approval and credit limit under the terms and conditions of Bank of Thailand and AEON Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Public Company Limited


1. Fees
1.1 Entrance Fee
- Primary Card
- Supplementary Card
1.2 Annual Fee
- Principle Card
200 Baht
- Supplementary Card
100 Baht

2. Service Fees
2.1 Interest Fee
16% per year for purchasing
2.2 Cash Advance
3% of the total cash advance amount

Remark :

  • Interest and Usage Fee as above-mentioned at 2.1 Effective from 1 August 2020 onwards or in according with Bank Of Thailand announces any changes
  • Fees and other expenses shown in communication media excluded VAT 7%
  • Fees, service charge, expenses and minimum installment are subject to change with prior notice by AEON

  • Apply on Internet
  • i-desktop
  • 1. Fill in online application form on AEON website
  • i-mail
  • 2. Submit online application form and required documents at counter
  • i-approved
  • 3. Verify documents by AEON
  • i-card
  • 4. Receive AEON credit card
  • Walk-in to Counter
  • i-desktop
  • 1. Fill in application and attach the required documents
  • i-approved
  • 2. Verify documents by AEON
  • i-card
  • 3. Receive AEON credit card