Club Thailand Card

Select Type of Card

Card Benefits

  • Special Discount alliance Green Fee more than 120 places.
  • Discount from alliance shops and restaurants and First Class Spa nationwide
  • Get Discount for buying Airline Ticket
  • Other special privilege from Club Thailand
  • Maximum grace period up to 52 days.
  • Enjoy payment term by minimum payment.
  • Various payment channels
  • Emergency international service (GCAS) by VISA INTERNATIONAL
  • Guard the rights in case of loss and stolen
  • Enjoy AEON Happy Point Program; every spending 25 Baht get 1 point via credit card.
  • Manageable monthly payment by AEON Happy Plan
  • Pay a bill of Metropolitan Electricity Authority and prepaid Happy DTAC
  • Get many special privileges and discount shops from VISA network

Qualification for applicants

  • Age 20 years old and above
  • Minimum salary 15,000 baht / Month
  • Minimum 4 months working at the present company
  • Available contact phone number both home and office
  • Living and working place in Bangkok and Metropolitan area
Documents for Consideration
Employee / Government officer / State enterprise 

Copy of I.D. card or passport
* If using government officer card / state enterprise employee card, please enclosure copy of house registration
tick tick
Copy of Work Permit
tick  tick 
Payroll slip and/or salary certification letter from your employers
Copy of bank statement 
(180 days backward)
tick  tick 
Copy of trade registration / 
Company Registration 
certification of limited 


1. Fees
1.1 Entrance Fee
- Primary Card
- Supplementary Card
1.2 Annual Fee
- Principle Card
1,200 Baht
- Supplementary Card
1,200 Baht

2. Service Fees
2.1 Interest Fee
18% p.a.
2.2 Cash Advance
3% of the total cash 
advance amount
2.3 Copy of sales slip
2.4 Copy of statement
2.5 Transaction investigation
2.6 Collection Expense
As per actual expense
2.7 Replacement Card
THB 200/ transaction

Apply on Internet

  • 1. Fill in online application form on AEON website
  • 2. Wait for confirmation e-mail from AEON
  • 3. Send out the required documents and the application by mail
  • 4. Verify documents by AEON
  • 5. Recieve AEON credit card

Apply by Postal

  • 1.Fill in AEON credit card application form
  • 2. Send out the required documents and the application by mail
  • 3. Verify documents by AEON
  • 4. Recieve AEON credit card

Walk-in to Counter and Club Thailand Cafe

  • 1. Fill in application and attach the required documents
  • 2. Verify documents by AEON
  • 3. Recieve AEON credit card