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Club Thailand Card

Special Apply online today Get Premium offer Maximum 4,390 THB.*
1 July 2022 – 31 August 2022

Special Discount alliance Green Fee more than 120 places

Special Offer :
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Card Benefits

  • Special Discount alliance Green Fee more than 120 places.
  • Discount from alliance shops and restaurants and First Class Spa nationwide
  • Get Discount for buying Airline Ticket
  • Other special privilege from Club Thailand
  • Maximum grace period up to 52 days.
  • Enjoy payment term by minimum payment.
  • Various payment channels
  • Emergency international service (GCAS) by VISA INTERNATIONAL
  • Guard the rights in case of loss and stolen
  • Enjoy AEON Happy Point Program; every spending 25 Baht get 1 point via credit card.
  • The company reserves the right for purchase of any mutual fund or insurance policy through AEON credit card will no longer be entitled to AEON Happy Rewards Point and promotion campaigns which incurred via AEON credit card for the transactions at any under code (MCC 5960, 6211, 6300, 9223).
  • Manageable monthly payment by AEON Happy Plan
  • Get many special privileges and discount shops from VISA network

Qualification for applicants

  • Age 20 years old and above
  • Minimum salary 15,000 baht / Month
  • Minimum 4 months working at the present company
  • Having contact phone number such as mobile phone number, home phone number, or work phone number.
  • Living and working place in Bangkok and Metropolitan area
Documents for Consideration
Employee / Government officer / State enterprise 

Copy of I.D. card or passport
* If using government officer card / state enterprise employee card, please enclosure copy of house registration
tick tick
Copy of Work Permit / Copy of VISA (in case customer does not have work permit) tick  tick 
Payroll slip and/or salary certification letter from your employers
Copy of bank statement 
(180 days backward)
tick  tick 
Copy of trade registration / 
Company Registration 
certification of limited 


1. Fees
1.1 Entrance Fee
- Primary Card
- Supplementary Card
1.2 Annual Fee
- Principle Card
1,200 Baht
- Supplementary Card
1,200 Baht

2. Service Fees
2.1 Interest Fee
16% per year for purchasing
2.2 Cash Advance
3% of the total cash 
advance amount

Remark :

  • Interest and Usage Fee as above-mentioned at 2.1 Effective from 1 August 2020 onwards or in according with Bank Of Thailand announces any changes
  • Fees and other expenses shown in communication media excluded VAT 7%
  • Fees, service charge, expenses and minimum installment are subject to change with prior notice by AEON

  • Apply on Internet
  • i-desktop
  • 1. Fill in online application form on AEON website
  • i-mail
  • 2. Submit online application form and required documents at counter
  • i-approved
  • 3. Verify documents by AEON
  • i-card
  • 4. Receive AEON credit card
  • Walk-in to Counter
  • i-desktop
  • 1. Fill in application and attach the required documents
  • i-approved
  • 2. Verify documents by AEON
  • i-card
  • 3. Receive AEON credit card
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