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Payment channel

  2. Bank Counter
  3. Counter Services
  4. Internet banking
  5. Direct Debit (Auto Pay)

**Can check more detail as follow : Payment Option

Channel to check payment

  1. Check payment via AEON Online Services
  2. Check payment via AEON ATM (Depositor)
  3. Check payment via payment advice
  4. Check payment via IVR system 0-2665-0123 press 2

Payment due date and account summary date

AEON has the account summary date on 10 of each month and payment due date is on 2 of next month


In case delayed payment, there will be additional costs or not

Collection expense for overdue payments. Charged 100 baht per billing cycle (excluding VAT 7%) 

How to request SMS payment balance ?

Request SMS for ask payment 0-2665-0123 press 2 and press 3 

How to make payment if not receive payment advice

AEON Member

  1. Use AEON Member Card or Credit Card do payment via AEON Depositor
  2. Use previous payment advice barcode for make the payment via AEON Depositor or counter service.
  3. Download pay-in-slip form and take the form to do payment at Bank counter

New Customer

  1. Use ID. Card or agreement to do payment at Counter service