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What's your cash?

Your cash is a cash card. You can withdraw money at AEON ATM,KBANK ATM, Thanachart bank ATM, Ayudhya bank ATM, Bangkok bank ATM, Krung Thai Bank ATM, Government Saving Bank ATM and Siam Commercial Bank ATM

What is the benefit for your cash ?

1. Cash advance by ATM
2. Minimum payment 400 Baht
3. Interest rate 28% Effective Rate
4. Maximum limit 100,000 Baht

In case of credit card, can customer apply for your cash?

Yes,customer can apply new card.

How much does the interest rate for Your Cash?

Your Cash Interest rate is equal to Personal Loan interest rate
28% per year (Effective rate)
*we are right to reserve any changing, please contact Customer Service 0-2665-0123

How to request increase limit.

In case of customer request to increase limit ,customer go to AEON Branches and fill in the form.

documents for consideration.

  1. Copy of ID Card
  2. Copy of Credit Card
  3. Letter of payroll slip/Letter of guarantee from employer or certifying your income for last month

* Within the last 6 months have not been upgraded on credit card limit.

* For approval the company will consider , under the conditions set again.

How to check approval (application status).

  1. Customer can check via IVR system telephone no: 0-2665-0123
    • press 1 Check credit balance
    • prese 3 check approval (application status)
  2. Call to Contact Center 0-2665-0123
    • press 0 Contact Center officer

What's AEON Happy Plan?

AEON Happy plan is the program for convert credit purchase of product & service to an installment payment program.And this shall not include transactions of cash advances, transactions incurred from temporary credit limit, purpose loan facilities, penalty fees, interests and any fees and charges.

What's Happy plan apply condition?

  1. Interest rate 20% per year with declining balance rate.
  2. Credit card spending must be 3,000 baht up per sale slip.
  3. Credit card must be minimun payment 500 bath per month.
  4. Apply to every transaction form any merchants in the same circle billing (from 11th - 10th of following month.)

How many term of payment for AEON Happy Plan?

Customer can select payment period by 3,6,9 or 10 months.

How many ways can we use AEON Happy plan?

  1. Via IVR system 0-2665-0123 press 9, press 6 and then press 2.
  2. Via www.aeon.co.th

Can customer redeems Happy Point for cash?

The customer will get cash back for redemption and reverse to their credit card.

What are foundations name can donate AEON Happy Point?

1. World Vision Foundation of Thailand
2. Foundations for Children with Disabilities
3. Unicef Thailand
4. Phramongkutklao Hospital Foundation
5. Siriraj Foundation
6. HM.Queen Sirikit Building Foundation

How about service for refill airtime for mobile phone?

There are 2 channel by Happy DTAC and 1 2 Call

How much customer can refill airtime?

DTAC – refill amount 50 – 800 Baht
1 2 Call – refill amount 50 – 1,500 baht

How many channel to refill airtime ?

There are 4 channel as
1. IVR system telephone no. 0-2665-0123
3. AEON Depositor by credit card
4. AEON Depositor by cash payment

How does customer who have not receive payment advice do payment ?

AEON Member
Use AEON Master Card Electronic or Credit Card do payment via AEON Depositor
Use barcode from payment advice in previous due do payment via AEON Depositor or Counter Service
New customer
Use ID. Card or agreement number from copy of hire purchase agreement do payment at Counter Service

How to change address / information / E-mail address ?

1. Contact at AEON Branch. Please prepare copy of ID. Card (Certified correct copy)
2. Fax: 02-6650800-1 Send copy of ID.Card (Certified correct copy) specify new address and contact number.
3. AEON website "www.aeon.co.th" Customer have to enroll online registration or login to online system
then go to >>Change Address

What is E-Statement?

E-Statement is online payment advice system which customer can apply as following process;
1. Go to AEON website "www.aeon.co.th" and login to online system
2. Enroll E-Statement
3. After fill in the application, click"Print" document send to AEON via Reply Envelope
4. After we received document, we will send Payment Advice via E-mail

How does customer check outstanding balance?

Customer can check outstanding balance via IVR system telephone no: 0-2665-0123
press1 Balance Inquiry
press2 Payment Inquiry/your cash or hire purchase
Press 1 All payment transaction
Press 2 Each payment transaction
Or check outstanding balance via AEON website "www.aeon.co.th" Customer have to login to online system first.